Visual Artist

Studio: Bowery, New York City.



“Art is the means we have of undoing the damage of haste. It's what everything else isn't.”

‘Las Vegas in the rain

Selected Works

“When living your life on the ​wild must do so ​fearlessly embracing your ​stripes.

‘Tiger with Tenticles’

‘Snake Battles Cat’

2023 – The Corner of Dew Drive Street

‘White Boy Rick’

“All you can ask for is a little honesty. As time goes on, if you’re lucky, you can become honest with yourself. You can accept yourself. There is no door A if you walked through door B. Some circumstances you just can’t change. But you can be honest.”

‘I don't believe in art. I believe in artists’

‘My burning desire’

2023 – The Corner of Dew Drive Street

‘Places to hide and places to die’

“Stay at your own style, never ​give in to what society thinks ​you should paint. Its joyous ​work, joyous in the sense of ​jazz music, the changes in ​pitch and emotions you ​know,

Just as Jazz is some ​musicians religion, painting ​is my religion”

‘Still crazy after all these years’


“Throughout the history of modern painting, the primitive has repeatedly been called upon to rescue & rejuvenate the vitality of ‘high’ art.”

Selected Works

‘Artist as a young Vandahl’ ​40 x 60 cm

“Is this a portrait of the difference ​between the brain and the lucid ​mind...or just words and a ​painting of wisdom forged from ​your inner most fears? Could you ​always be right in your first ​impression while only second ​guessing your instincts? ”

‘1970 Malibu’ 40 x 60 cm

“If only there were more magic people to help us get through

this strange life.

“This dream it might be crazy, but it’s the only one I got.”

‘Three Birds’ 75 x 60 cm

“You don't become an artist to be ​famous,

You don't become an artist to be ​known,

You become an artist because that ​is what you do, it's what your ​spirit demands.

‘Portrait of a Crash Test Dummy’

42 x 30 cm

“Once there was this kid who

Got into an accident and couldn't ​come to school

But when he finally came back

His hair had turned from black ​into bright white

He said that it was from when

The cars had smashed so hard”

‘1964 Ford Capri GT’

42 x 30 cm

“The secret life of making, is not ​just the color as it moves from ​brush or hand to surface, but how ​an idea travels across the surfaces ​of a mind. The secret life of hours ​spent looking. These most secret ​hours of a life”

‘Taco Grinder’ 75 x 60 cm

“I’m getting closer to really accepting myself & I’m just around the bend from contentment. Drifting along letting the small things go. And the Iron Head is runnin’ killer. I’m not listening to the mainstream anything. Not arguing. The phone turned off for hours on end. I’d rather be lucky than good any day of the week.”

‘67 Chev Impala’ 40 x 60 cm

“I want to combine as many things I like: Film, art history, muscle cars, old Harley’s, mid century furniture, mosaic tile & lighting, old buildings, peace signs— it goes on and on ...”

‘Selfie Queen’ 42 x 30 cm

“One term for someone who ​frequently takes selfies is "selfie ​enthusiast" or "selfie addict." ​"Selfie queen" is another word ​used to characterize someone who ​frequently snaps selfies.”

‘Panther Milk’ 42 x 30 cm

“I’ve never been somebody who can be counted on...The more I age the more I find that we can live only with beings who liberate us, who love us with an affection as light to carry as it is strong to experience. Be somebody who can be counted on! ”

‘Vroom Doom’ 42 x 30 cm

“Painting motorbikes and ​tinkering around, wild waves and ​an occasional coastal walk….don’t ​forget to have fun! ”

‘Hollywood Motherhood’ 42 x 30 cm

“I’ve always rejected being understood. To be understood is to prostitute oneself. I prefer to be taken seriously for what I’m not, remaining humanly unknown, with naturalness and all due respect.”

‘Make Life a Ride’

42 x 30 cm

“Some circumstances you just ​can’t change. But you can be ​honest. Not a liar a cheat or a thief. ​Learn how to recognize & accept a ​defeat & stand firm in the face of ​bad luck. If you can, put the vices ​down & check in with your real ​heart. Ride on!”

‘VROOOOM’ Set of 3

20 x 15 cm

“Against the ruin of the world, ​there is only one defense: the ​creative act.!”

Van Dahl